DTM-GL Library - Recent Acquisitions

November-December 2004


The following titles have been acquired for the library. Most are shelved in the library in the Main Building; check the "New Books" shelf outside Room 208. Astronomy materials are in Room 272 of the Research Building. For assistance in locating items of interest, please ask either S. Hardy (x7960) or M. Wolf (x7962).


Bauer, S. J., and H. Lammer.  Planetary Aeronomy: Atmosphere Environments in Planetary Systems.  Berlin:  Springer-Verlag, 2004.

Bottinga, Y., et al., guest eds.  Seventh Silicate Melt Workshop, Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 213, Nos. 1-3.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Callaghan, P. T.  Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microscopy.  Oxford University Press, 2003.

Dilek, Y., and R. Harris, guest eds.  Continental Margins of the Pacific Rim, Special Issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 392, Nos. 1-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Ferrari, A. C., and J. Robertson, eds.  Raman Spectroscopy in Carbons:  From Nanotubes to Diamond, Special Issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Vol. 362, No. 1824.  London:  The Royal Society, 2004.

Fitton, J. G., et al., eds.  Origin and Evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau, Geological Society Special Publication 229.  Bath:  The Geological Society of London, 2004.

Fortin, D., et al., guest eds.  Bacteria and Geochemical Speciation of Metals, Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 212, Nos. 3-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Hazen, R. M., and M. Singer.  Dlaczego Czarne Dziury nie Czarne?  Warszawa:  Prószyński i S-ka, 2001.

Jones, A. G., R. W. Carlson, and H. Grütter, eds.  A Tale of Two Cratons: The Slave-Kaapvaal Workshop.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Kallenbach, R., et al., eds.  Solar System History from Isotopic Signatures of Volatile Elements, International Space Sciences Institute Volume 16.  Dordrecht:  Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003.

Keane, C. M., ed.  Directory of Geoscience Departments, 42nd edition.  Alexandria VA:  American Geological Institute, 2004.

Kovalevsky, J., and P. K. Seidelmann.  Fundamentals of Astrometry.  Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Lamb, S.   Devil in the Mountain:  A Search for the Origin of the Andes.  Princeton University Press, 2004.

Larter, R. D., and P. T. Leat, eds.  Intra-Oceanic Subduction Systems:  Tectonic and Magmatic Processes, Geological Society Special Publication 219.  Bath:  The Geological Society of London, 2003.

Lee, W. H. K., et al., eds.  International Handbook of Earthquake & Engineering Seismology, Part B.  Amsterdam:  Academic Press, 2003.

Lewis, B. M., and D. T. Emerson, eds.  Spectrum Management for Radio Astronomy: Proceedings of the IUCAF Summer School held at Green Bank, W. Va., June 9-14, 2002.  Charlottesville VA:  National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 2004.

Lewis, J. S.  Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System,2nd edition.  Burlington MA:  Elsevier Academic Press, Inc., 2004.

Lopes, R. M. C., and T. K. P. Gregg.  Volcanic Worlds: Exploring the Solar System’s Volcanoes.  Chichester, UK:  Praxis Publishing Ltd, 2004. 

Mann, P., and A. Taira, guest eds.  Tectonics, Seismicity, and Crustal Structure of the Ontong Java Plateau-Solomon Island Arc Convergent Zone, Southwest Pacific Rim, Special Issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 389, Nos. 3-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Meyer, B.  Low Temperature Spectroscopy:  Optical Properties of Molecules in Matrices, Mixed Crystals, and Frozen Solutions.  New York: American El Sevier Publishing Company, Inc., 1971.

Mojzsis, S. J., guest ed.  The First Billion Years—Selected Papers Presented at the 13th V. M. Goldschmidt Conference, Kurashiki, Japan, Special Issue of Precambrian Research, vol. 135, No. 4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Oppenheimer, C., et al., eds.  Volcanic Degassing, Geological Society Special Publication 213.  Bath:  The Geological Society of London, 2003.

Pelletier, M. J., ed.  Analytical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy. Oxford: Blackwell Science, Ltd., 1999.

Rudnick, R. L., and E. Nakamura, guest eds.  Lithium Isotope Geochemistry, Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 212, Nos. 1-2.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.

Stüwe, K.  Geodynamics of the Lithosphere: An Introduction.  Berlin:  Springer-Verlag, 2002.

Terrones, M., and H. Terrones, eds.  Nanotechnology of Carbon and Related Materials, Special Issue of Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A, Vol. 362, No. 1823, 2004.  London:  The Royal Society, 2004.

Trefil, J., and R. M. Hazen.  Physics Matters:  An Introduction to Conceptual Physics.  Hoboken NJ:  John Wiley & Sons., Inc., 2004.  Gift of Robert M. Hazen.

Vance, D., et al., eds.  Geochronology:  Linking the Isotopic Record with Petrology and Textures, Geological Society Special Publication 220.  Bath:  The Geological Society of London, 2003.

Wilcock, W. S. D., et al., eds.  The Subseafloor Biosphere at Mid-Ocean Ridges.  Washington DC:  American Geophysical Union, 2004.

Xue, X., D. R. Neuville, et al., guest eds.  Structure and Properties of Silicate Melts and Fluids, Special Issue of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 68, No. 24.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2004.


New CD-ROM Acquisitions


Lunar and Planetary Science Institute and NASA Johnson Space Center:  Lunar and Planetary Science XXXV: Papers presented to the thirty-fifth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 15-19, 2004.  Houston:  LPSI and NASA, 2004.

MSDS/HazCom Library.  MSDS Hazard Communications, four discs in two cases.  IntraWEB, LLC, 2001-2004.