Instructions for Geophysical Lab and DTM Personnel

Materials Safety Data Sheets and additional information on hazardous materials and laboratory safety may be found in the MSDS/HazCom Library (described below).  This database is available for searching on public workstations in the Research Building (1st and 2nd floor, central corridor), Cyclotron Building (2nd floor conference room), and Abelson Building (2nd floor library).  Just click the shortcut marked "MSDS."

Please contact the Library staff or your department's Safety Officer if you need assistance using MSDS/HazCom.


The MSDS/HMIS Hazardous Communication Library

The MSDS/Hazcom Library provides direct and indirect access to hundreds of thousands of  MSDS documents which are accessible using the MSDS Hazcom Library Viewer.

The MSDS/HazCOM Library is a hybrid Web and CD-Rom based system consisting of the following: