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Acquisitions - Sep-Dec 2013

DTM-GL Library - Recent Acquisitions

September-December 2013

The following titles have been acquired for the library. Most are shelved in the library in the Main Building; check the "New Books" shelf outside Room 208. Astronomy materials are in Room 272 of the Research Building. For assistance in locating items of interest, please ask either S. Hardy (x7960) or M. Wolf (x7962).

Alexandrov, A. S. Theory of Superconductivity: From Weak to Strong Coupling. Bristol UK: IOP Publishing Ltd, 2003.

Barabash, R. I., et al., eds. Diffuse Scattering and the Fundamental Properties of Materials. Highland Park NJ: Momentum Press, 2009.

Bekker, A., et al., guest eds. Evolution of the Atmosphere and Ocean Through Time. Special Issue of Chemical Geology dedicated to H. D. Holland, Vol. 362. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013.

Briggs, D. E., et al. The Fossils of the Burgess Shale. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution, 1994. Gift of Derek Smith.

Canfield, D. E. Oxygen: A Four Billion Year History. Princeton University Press, 2014. Gift of Rick Carlson.

Chela-Flores, J., et al., eds. First Steps in the Origin of Life in the Universe. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

Currano, J. N., and D. L. Roth, eds. Chemical Information for Chemists: A Primer. Cambridge UK: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014.

Erwin, D. H. Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago. Princeton University Press, 2006. Gift of Derek Smith.

Erwin, D. H. Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago. Princeton University Press, first paperback edition, 2008.

Filby, R. H., and J. F. Branthaver, eds. Metal Complexes in Fossil Fuels: Geochemistry, Characterization, and Processing. New York: American Chemical Society, 1987. Gift of Shohei Ohara.

Frenkel, F. C., and A. H. DePace. Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012.

Gabrys, B. J., and J. A. Langdale. How to Succeed as a Scientist from Postdoc to Professor. Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Gasparik, T. Phase Diagrams for Geoscientists: An Atlas of the Earth’s Interior, 2nd ed. New York: Springer, 2014.

Goehring, L., organizer and editor. Pattern Formation in the Geosciences, Theme Issue of Philosophical Transactions A, Vol. 271, No. 2004. London: The Royal Society, 2013.

Gould, S. J. Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1990. Gift of Derek Smith.

Hallam, T. Catastrophes and Lesser Calamities: The Causes of Mass Extinctions. Oxford University Press, 2005. Gift of Derek Smith.

Harris, A. Thermal Remote Sensing of Active Volcanoes: A User’s Manual. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Hazen, R. M. The Origin and Evolution of Earth: From the Big Bang to the Future of Human Existence. The Great Courses series, printed Course Guidebook and 48 lectures on 8 DVDs in one case. Chantilly VA: The Teaching Company, 2013. Gift of Bob Hazen.

Hazen, R. M. The Origin and Evolution of the Earth: From the Big Bang to the Future of Human Existence. The Great Courses series, printed Course Guidebook and 48 lectures on 24 CDs in four cases. Chantilly VA: The Teaching Company, 2013. Gift of Bob Hazen.

Kutner, M. H., et al. Applied Linear Statistical Models, 5th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005. Gift of Derek Smith.

Müller, U. Symmetry Relationships between Crystal Structures: Applications of Crystallographic Group Theory in Crystal Chemistry. Oxford University Press, 2013.

National Academy of Sciences. On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research, 3rd ed. Washington DC: National Academies Press, 2012.

NOAA Coastal Services Center. Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change, Vol. 2. Charleston SC: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Coastal Services Center, 2010. Gift of Dr. Sean C. Solomon.

Ohnaka, M. The Physics of Rock Failure and Earthquakes. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Page, M., and A. Williams. Organic and Bio-organic Mechanisms. Essex England: Addison Wesley Longman, 1997. Gift of Derek Smith.

Pearson, D. G., et al., eds. Proceedings of 10th International Kimberlite Conference, Vols. 1 & 2. Special issue of Journal of the Geological Society of India. New Delhi: Springer and Geological Society of India, 2013.

Peters, K. E., et al. The Biomarker Guide, 2nd ed., Vol. 2. Cambridge University Press, 2005. Gift of Derek Smith.

Pilson, M. E. An Introduction to the Chemistry of the Sea, 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Popa, R. Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2004. Gift of Derek Smith.

Ridley, J. Ore Deposit Geology. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Satake, K., et al., guest eds. Historical and Recent Catastrophic Tsunamis in the World, Vol. II: Tsumanis from 1755 to 2010. Special Issue of Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 170, Issue 9-10. Basel: Springer, 2013.

Searle, R. Mid-Ocean Ridges. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Tappe, S., D. G. Pearson, and D. Prelevic, guest eds. Kimberlite, Carbonatite, and Potassic Magmatism as Part of the Geochemical Cycle. Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 353. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2013.

Thurman, H. V., and A. P. Trujillo. Introductory Oceanography, 10th ed. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. Gift of Derek Smith.

Wharton, D. A. Life at the Limits: Organisms in Extreme Environments. Cambridge University Press, 2002. Gift of Derek Smith.

Wilson, M. J. Sheet Silicates: Clay Minerals. Volume 3C, 2nd ed., of Rock Forming Minerals. London: The Geological Society, 2013.

Yen, T. F., and J. M. Moldowan. Geochemical Biomarkers. Chur Switzerland: Harwood Academic Publishers, 1988. Gift of Derek Smith.





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