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Scientific & Reference Databases

Updated September 14, 2016

The library provides access to a variety of databases to help you locate published research as well as physical, chemical, and other property data.  Access to some of the online resources listed below is restricted to Carnegie Institution personnel.


ADS (SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System)

Searchable abstracts and papers in astronomy/astrophysics, physics, and geophysics from journals, conference proceedings, NASA reports, and dissertations. Includes scanned images of full-text articles from major astronomical journals.

ADS Bumblebee

New, integrated ADS search interface with full-text searching, object metadata, links to data archives, etc.


Bibliographical database for historical astronomical references; includes all citations from Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts, without the abstracts. Coverage: 1800s-2000.


Searchable electronic archive and preprint server for physics, astronomy, math, statistics, and computer science research papers.


Text and structure search access to 28 million chemical structures from hundreds of data sources.

Chinese Science Citation Database

Covers 2 million papers from 1,200 Chinese scientific journals. Coverage: 1989-present. (DTM and GL use only.)

Access to more than 180,000 open datasets, tools, and resources from U.S. Government agencies.

Directory of Open Access Journals

International directory of quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.


Index to worldwide earth sciences literature, containing references from over 3,000 journals and to books, maps, conference proceedings, and dissertations.  Coverage: 1693-present.  (DTM and GL use only.)

GeoRef Preview Database

Access to most recent geoscience references, in preparation for inclusion in GeoRef.

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)

Search for space group, atomic position, and unit cell data for over 185,000 substances. Includes extensive searching capabilities and visualization options.  (DTM and GL use only.)


References and abstracts from 5000 international biomedical journals. Covers biomedical research, environmental science, marine biology, plant and animal science, biophysics, and biochemistry.  Coverage:  1950-present.


Meteorite information database, containing descriptions of every known meteorite, chemical analyses, noble gas isotopes, cosmogenic radionuclides, and repositories of material and prepared sections. Includes more than 90,000 literature references. Contact librarian for access instructions.  (DTM and GL use only.)


Information on mineral properties, mineral localities, and mineral collecting.

Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data)

Locate data repositories worldwide in all disciplines.

RRUFF Project

Integrated database of Raman and infrared spectra, X-ray diffraction, and chemistry data for minerals.  Includes the IMA mineral list.

Russian Science Citation Index

Covers 2 million papers from 2000 Russian scientific journals. Coverage: 2005-present. (DTM and GL use only.)

SciTech Connect

Search for energy-related journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, patents, and DOE-sponsored scientific and technical reports.


Free tool from NIST for searching thermophysical and thermochemical property literature.

Web of Science (Science Citation Index)

Search for papers in more than 6000 journals in 150 disciplines, as well as in books, conference proceedings, and data repositories. Find out where each paper has been cited and follow citation links backward and forward in time. Set up personal research alerts. Calculate your H-Index.  Free access to EndNote Web.  Coverage: 1900-present.  (DTM and GL use only.)


Search for books, journals, videos, CDs, maps, etc. held by 10,000 libraries worldwide.


Print-based Indexes and Bibliographies

In addition to the preceding electronic information sources, the library has a number of print-based periodical indexes and bibliographies that are useful for searching older literature: Bibliography on High Pressure Research (1969-1991); Ceramic Abstracts (1960-1997); Mineralogical Abstracts (1920-2003); Physics Abstracts (1898-1989); Physics and Chemistry of Glasses (1977-present); Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1900).




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