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Shaun J. Hardy, Librarian
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All borrowed library materials must be signed out. Only persons with formal Carnegie Institution affiliation (staff members, post-docs, pre-docs, interns, visiting investigators) are entitled to borrow materials. The honor system is used; please complete a sign-out card for each item you borrow and deposit in one of the boxes provided. When returning materials, place them on the cart next to the copier on the 2nd floor -- please do not reshelve them yourself.

Books and maps may be borrowed for extended periods, but are subject to recall at any time. Books marked "Reference Use" may not be taken out of the library, except by special arrangement. Current issues of journals do not circulate. They may be removed from the Reading Room briefly for photocopying, but then must be returned immediately. Borrowing of back volumes (bound or unbound) from the periodicals stacks is strongly discouraged; if necessary, however, these older journals may be signed out for a period of one week.




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