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Acquisitions - Mar-Apr 2006

DTM-GL Library - Recent Acquisitions

March-April 2006

The following titles have been acquired for the library. Most are shelved in the library in the Main Building; check the "New Books" shelf outside Room 208. Astronomy materials are in Room 272 of the Research Building. For assistance in locating items of interest, please ask either S. Hardy (x7960) or M. Wolf (x7962).

Adamson, A., et al., eds. Astronomical Polarimetry: Current Status and Future Directions. ASP Conference Series Vol. 343. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2005.

Anderson, D. L., and H. Thybo, guest eds. The Heterogeneous Mantle. Special issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 416, Nos. 1-4. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006.

Annett, J. F. Superconductivity, Superfluids and Condensates. Oxford University Press, 2004.

Brown, L. Centennial History of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Vol. II: The Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. Cambridge University Press for CIW, 2004.

Brown, M., and T. Rushmer, eds. Evolution and Differentiation of the Continental Crust. Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Gebrande, H., et al., guest eds. TRANSALP: A Transect through a Young Collisional Orogen. Special issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 414, Nos. 1-4. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006.

Hawthorne, F. C., ed. The Mineralogical Association of Canada 50th Anniversary Symposium Volume, Vol. 43, Part 6 of The Canadian Mineralogist. Ottawa: Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2005.

Hoover, R. B., et al., eds. Perspectives in Astrobiology. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2005.

Imoto, M., et al., guest eds. Asperity, Repeating Earthquakes and Probabilistic Prediction: New Aspects of Seismic Activity in Kanto Tokai, Japan. Special issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 417, Nos. 1-2. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006.

Inskeep, W. P., and T. R. McDermott, eds. Geothermal Biology and Geochemistry in Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman MT: Thermal Biology Institute, Montana State University, 2005. Gift of the publisher.

Kohen, A., and H.-H. Limbach, eds. Isotope Effects in Chemistry and Biology. Boca Raton: CRC Taylor & Francis, 2006.

Mandelbrot, B. B. The Fractal Geometry of Nature, updated and augmented. New York: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1983.

Nasu, K., ed. Photoinduced Phase Transitions. Hackensack: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2004.

Oura, K., et al. Surface Science, An Introduction. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2003.

Peck, H. D., Jr., and J. LeGall, eds. Inorganic Microbial Sulfur Metabolism, Methods in Enzymology Vol. 243. San Diego: Academic Press, 1994.

Sawyer, K. The Rock from Mars: A Detective Story on Two Planets. New York: Random House, 2006.

Sharp, Z. Principles of Stable Isotope Geochemistry. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007.

Shaw, D. M. Trace Elements in Magmas: A Theoretical Treatment. Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Yoder, H. S., Jr. Centennial History of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Vol. III: The Geophysical Laboratory. Cambridge University Press for CIW, 2004.

CD-ROM Acquisition

Dubinski, J., and J. Kameel Farah. Gravitas: Portraits of a Universe in Motion. CD-ROM. Toronto: Dubinski and Farah, 2005. Gift of Vera C. Rubin.




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