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Acquisitions - Jan-Feb 2007

DTM-GL Library - Recent Acquisitions

January-February 2007

The following titles have been acquired for the library. Most are shelved in the library in the Main Building; check the "New Books" shelf outside Room 208. Astronomy materials are in Room 272 of the Research Building. For assistance in locating items of interest, please ask either S. Hardy (x7960) or M. Wolf (x7962).


Abercrombie, R., et al., eds.  Earthquakes: Radiated Energy and the Physics of Faulting.  Geophysical Monograph 170.  Washington DC:  American Geophysical Union, 2006.

Bock, R.  A Handbook of Decomposition Methods in Analytical Chemistry.  New  York:  John Wiley and  Sons, 1979.

Carr, M.  The Surface of Mars.  Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Christie, D. M., et al., eds.  Back-Arc Spreading Systems: Geological, Biological, Chemical, and Physical Interactions.  Geophysical Monograph 166.  Washington DC: American Geophysical Union, 2006.

Coyne, G. S.  The Laboratory Companion: A Practical Guide to Materials, Equipment, and Technique, revised edition.  Hoboken:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006.

Eisner, J. A.  High Angular Resolution Studies of the Structure and Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks. Ph.D. thesis, California Institute of Technology, 2005.

Eftaxias, K., et al., guest eds.  Mechanical and Electromagnetic Phenomena Accompanying Preseismic Deformation: From Laboratory to Geophysical Scale.  Special issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 431, Nos. 1-4.   Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2007.

Faure, G., and T. M. Mensing.  Isotopes: Principles and Applications, 3rd edition.  Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005.

Jacobsen, S., and S. van der Lee, eds.  Earth’s Deep Water Cycle.  Geophysical Monograph 168.  Washington DC:  American Geophysical Union, 2006.

Kaufman, A. J., et al., guest eds.  Precambrian Chemostratigraphy.  Special issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 237, Nos. 1-2.  Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007.

Kozai, Y., et al., eds.  My Life: Twenty Japanese Women Scientists.  Gift of Taka’aki  and Akiko Taira.  Tokyo: Uchida Rokakuho Publishing Co. Ltd, 2001.

Mancktelow, N. S., et al., guest eds.  Deformation Mechanisms, Microstructure and Rheology of Rocks in Nature and Experiment.  Special issue of Tectonophysics, Vol. 427, Nos. 1-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2006.

McFadden, L.-A., et al., eds.  Encyclopedia of the Solar System, 2nd edition.  Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007.  Gift of Wesley T. Huntress, Jr.

Olah, G. A., et al.  Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy.  Weinheim: WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 2006.

Sigmundsson, F., Iceland Geodynamics: Crustal Deformation and Divergent Plate Tectonics.  Chichester UK:  Springer in association with Praxis Publishing Ltd, 2006.

Trefil, J., and R. M. Hazen.  Física Viva: Uma Introdução à Física Conceitual.  Three volumes;  Portuguese translation of Physics Matters, An Introduction to Conceptual Physics.  Rio de Janeiro:  Livros Técnicos e Científicos Editadora S. A., 2006.  Gift of Robert M. Hazen.

Wu, R.-S., and V. Maupin, guest eds.  Advances in Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Earth.  Volume 48 of Advances in Geophysics.  Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007.

New CD-ROM Acquisitions

American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund.  49th Annual Report on Research (for year ending August 31, 2004).  Washington DC:  American Chemical Society, 2005.  Gift of Sean C. Solomon.

Christensen, L. L., executive producer/director.  Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery.  DVD with subtitles in 14 languages.  European Space Agency, (year?).




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