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Electronic Books & Reference Works

Updated December 19, 2017

Listed below are some of the library's major online reference works and e-book collections. Links to all online books accessible to DTM-GL Library users can be found using the library catalog.


AGU Online Books

550+ monographs published by the American Geophysical Union from 1956 through 2008. (DTM and GL use only.)

Glossary of Geology

Definitions of nearly 40,000 geoscience terms, compiled by the American Geological Institute. Many entries include Spanish-language equivalents. (DTM and GL use only.)

Encyclopedia of Earth

Open-access resource with thousands of quality, authoritative articles on environment, climate, and general earth sciences.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Electronic version of the CRC Handbook, with interactive tables. (DTM and GL use only.)

NIST Chemistry Web Book

Physical and chemical property data on more than 40,000 compounds.

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

ProQuest Ebook Central

Books on computer programming, data analysis, and more. Read on your desktop or notebook computer, or download them to read offline on your iPhone/iPad, Android mobile device or tablet, Kindle, or other book readers. (DTM and GL use only.)

Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

4000+ reference articles from Elsevier's major encyclopedias and treatises in the geosciences.  (DTM and GL use only.)

Treatise on Geochemistry (2nd edition)

15-volume compendium on the chemistry of the Earth (crust, mantle, core, oceans, and atmosphere) and solar system (meteorites, comets, planets, and satellites). Completely revised from the 1st edition. Also accessible through the integrated search platform Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. (DTM and GL use only.)

Treatise on Geophysics (2nd edition)

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art summary of solid-earth geophysics and planetary physics, written by more than two hundred leading specialists. Completely revised from the 1st edition.  Also accessible through the integrated search platform Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences.  (DTM and GL use only.)




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