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Acquisitions - May-June 2009

DTM-GL Library - Recent Acquisitions

May-June 2009

The following titles have been acquired for the library. Most are shelved in the library in the Main Building; check the "New Books" shelf outside Room 208. Astronomy materials are in Room 272 of the Research Building. For assistance in locating items of interest, please ask either S. Hardy (x7960) or M. Wolf (x7962).


Aiuppa, A., et al., guest eds.  Halogens in Volcanic Systems and Their Environmental Impacts.  Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 263, No. 1-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.


Barberi, F., et al., guest eds.  The 2007 Eruption of Stromboli.  Special Issue of Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol. 182, Nos. 3-4.  Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.


Coveney, P. V., and M. P. Atkinson, eds.  Crossing Boundaries:  Computational Science, e-Science and Global e-Infrastructure; Selected Papers from the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, 2008, Parts I and II.  Theme Issues of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Vol. 367, Nos. 1897 and 1898.  London:  Royal Society, 2009.


Dasgupta, R., and J. E.  Dixon, guest eds.  Volatiles and Volatile-Bearing Melts in the Earth’s Interior.  Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 262, Nos. 1-2.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.


Gerdes, A., et al., guest eds.  Accessory Minerals as Tracers of Crustal Processes.  Special Issue of Chemical Geology, Vol. 261, Nos. 3-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.


Gimeno, L., et al., eds.  Trends and Directions in Climate Research.  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 1146.  Boston:  Blackwell Publishing on behalf of The Academy, 2008.  Gift of Dr. Rick Carlson.


Kittel, Charles.  Introduction to Solid State Physics, eighth edition.  Hoboken:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005. 


Montagner, J.-P., et al., guest eds.  Earthquakes in Subduction Zones: A Multidisciplinary Approach.  Special Issue of Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Vol. 175, Nos. 1-2.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.


Oelkers, E. H., and J. Schott, eds.  Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction.  Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry Vol. 70.  Chantilly VA:  Mineralogical Society of America and Geochemical Society, 2009.


Ohtani, E., et al., guest eds.  Advances in High Pressure Mineral Physics:  From Deep Mantle to the Core.  Special Issue of Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Vol. 174, Nos. 1-4.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.


Serp, P., and J. L. Figueiredo, eds.  Carbon Materials for Catalysis.  Hoboken:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009.


Wacey, D.  Early Life on Earth:  A Practical Guide.  New York:  Springer, 2009.


Wilde, S. A., and A. Kröner, guest eds.  The Application and Interpretation of Micro-Analytical Data in Geochronological Systems.  Special Issue of Chemical  Geology, Vol. 261, Nos. 1-2.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.



New DVD Acquisition



Obama, President Barack.  Address on Science and Innovation at the 146th Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, April 27, 2009.  Washington DC:  National Academy, 2009.  Gift of Dr. Vera C. Rubin.




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