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Managing Your Data

Updated June 27, 2011


Resource Guides for Data Management and Planning

Scientific Data Consulting (University of Virginia Library)

Information on file formats and data types; organizing files; data sharing and archiving; copyright; data documentation and metadata; citing data. Lists of subject-specific data repositories.

Manage Your Data (University of Minnesota Libraries)

Preservation; archiving; sharing; copyright and ethics. Lists of subject-specific data repositories.

UC3: Data Management Guidelines (California Digital Library)

Creating, organizing, managing, and sharing data; tips on writing data management plans; federal agency guidelines.

Data Management and Publishing (MIT Libraries)

Data planning checklist; file formats; documentation and metadata; data sharing; ethical and legal issues; citing data; data integration.


Federal Funding Agency Requirements

Federal Funding Agencies: Data Management and Sharing Policies

Summary of US government-wide requirements and policies, compiled by the University of California Curation Center (UC3), California Digital Library.

Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results

Official NSF data sharing policy and data management plan requirements.


Writing NSF Data Management Plans

Data Management Plan Templates (University of Virginia Library)

Templates (MS Word) with guidance for specific NSF directorates and divisions: EAR, PHY, and DMP. More coming soon: AST, CHE, BIO,...

Data Management Plan Template (Data Conservancy)

Generic template (PDF) focusing on cross-cutting or common elements across NSF directorates.

DMP Online

Online tool for building and editing DMPs, from the Digital Curation Center (UK). Geared toward UK funding agency requirements.


The University of California Curation Center (UC3) of the California Digital Library is currently developing a Web-based, interactive NSF DMP authoring tool. Target release is August 2011.




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