L.A. Bauer aboard the Galilee
L.A. Bauer
L.A. Bauer on the bridge of the Galilee using a "sea deflector," 1905
The Carnegie being outfitted, 1909
The christening of the Carnegie, 1909
Observers aboard the Carnegie measure the ion content of the atmosphere, 1911
Observers in the observation dome on the Carnegie
Magnetic observers on the bridge of the Galilee
Observers on the Galilee
Special observing bridge on the Galilee
The Galilee under full sail
The Galilee after a typoon in Japan, 1907
Hand-tinted lantern slide of the Galilee, 1907
The Galilee at anchor
An observing cupola on the Carnegie
J. P. Ault, captain of the Carnegie, 1916
The Carnegie under full sail, 1909
The Carnegie burning following an exlosion at Apia, Samoa, 1929



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